Pennant season 2021-22 questionnaire

Rink Duties

Pennant Bowls Competition

At the beginning of the season, around September, teams are entered in Bowls SA pennant competition on Saturdays, Wednesdays (Men’s team) and Thursdays (Women’s team). Currently we have four teams entered on Saturdays, three on Wednesdays and one on Thursdays.

Selection for Saturday’s teams is carried out on Tuesday afternoon by the selectors for each division, with Wednesday Men’s teams selected on Friday afternoon and Thursday Women’s team selected on a Monday. The names of the players selected for each team are displayed on the selection board outside the selector’s office. The teams are also emailed to members and available on the club website.

In addition to skills training/learning sessions held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Coach Les “Bushy” Carter is also available for one-on-one coaching sessions. Details of available time slots are posted on the notice board – bookings essential!

The greens are available 6 days a week for members to practice with access to mats and jacks via the coded rear door of the club rooms. Code supplied to members on request.

All greens are closed for general maintenance on a Monday.

Wednesday Division 1 Winners
Wednesday Division 4 Winners

The most favoured evenings for practice for most players are Thursday and Friday when members will make an evening of it by enjoying a couple of drinks at the bar and particularly on Friday during Happy Hour. When you arrive for practice please don’t hesitate to ask to join a practice group. You don’t need to practice by yourself unless you choose to do so. You can still work on your game when practicing in a group.

Pennant games are played on a home and away basis and we do ask members to return to the club after an ‘away’ match to share in the excitement of the day’s play. Games are 21 ends playing in teams of four on Saturday (open gender), commencing at 1.00pm. Wednesday’s (men only) play consists of a variety of formats, eg pairs, triples and fours with games commencing at 12.15pm. The games on each day usually finish around 4.30 – 5.00pm which allows a little time for socialising before the finish of the day. On Thursday (women only) games commence at 9.45am and finish around 1.30pm, followed by lunch supplied by individual players.

Saturday and Wednesday ‘home’ pennant games cost $5.00 per person per match. This pays for sandwiches provided during the afternoon tea break for yourself and your opponent. 

Pennant availability: There is a sheet placed outside the selector’s office that provides for notification to the selectors of player unavailability for all pennant games. If a player has not indicated in the booklet provided then it is assumed that they are available for selection.

If at all possible players should meet at the club before travelling to an Away game to minimise car parking difficulties at the ‘away’ venue.

A sheet is also located outside the selector’s office that provides information on the day of an away match for members to indicate if they are travelling directly to the ‘away’ venue. This is also to ensure team mates are not left waiting.

Selection Panel

Chair of Selectors

Albert Kruimel


Mike Hocking

Trevor Feast


Vicki Feast.


Mike Hocking

Trevor Feast

Sue Edwards

Chris Grabczewski

Katie Gilfillan
{Board Portfolio)


Selection Days

Wednesday Team  is selected on Friday afternoon
Thursday Team      ”        ”        ”     Monday aftenoon
Saturday Team                              Tuesday afternoon

Please mark your name as NOT AVAILABLE in the book outside the Selectors Office for matches when you are not able to play.

Pennant Rules